Memorandum of Understanding

Must be submitted by July 1, 2011


(A hunting permission slip with a confirmatory stamp and authorized signature will be returned to you upon acceptance of your application.)


Application and Memorandum of Understanding


I am a member in good standing of Oxbow, Inc. and request permission to hunt on Oxbow, Inc. property east of I-275 as will be shown on the map affixed to the permission slip that must be carried while hunting on Oxbow property.  I agree to hunt subject to the following Oxbow, Inc. rules:

• I will practice good hunting ethics at all times.

• Others may rightfully visit the area and my activity has no priority over that of others.

• During my use of Oxbow, Inc. property I will not litter, remove or damage Oxbow, Inc. property, or cause any habitat destruction.

• I will not leave any structures on the property (i.e. hunting stands, duck blinds, etc.)

• I will carry a valid permission slip at all times while hunting on Oxbow, Inc. land.

• I will obey all applicable laws.

I understand that hunting privileges will be revoked if any of the above regulations is violated. I understand that I enter Oxbow, Inc. property entirely at my own risk and hold Oxbow, Inc. free of liability for any hazards, known or unknown to it. I have included a copy of my valid Indiana hunting permit and a self-addressed stamped envelope.


Your Signature__________________________________________________Date__________________


Return Mail Address_________________________________________State________ZIP____________

Phone: Home________________________________Work__________________________


Hunting permission is granted for one year (July 1 to June 30 of the following year) only and must be applied for yearly.


Mail to:

Oxbow, Inc.

c/o Dennis Mason

10210 Scull Road

Cincinnati, OH 45252