Oxbow, Inc.


Protecting and Preserving Wetlands

Oxbow Offers Grant Money for Education


For many years Oxbow, Inc. has been interested not only in procuring and preserving the wetlands we’ve come to know as the Oxbow, but has strived to inform and educate our members and the general public about the wetlands, its diverse plant and animal communities, and its cultural importance throughout history.


For almost as long as Oxbow, Inc. has existed, informative monthly meetings have helped increase attendees’ knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and natural history topics covered.  Along with the meetings there have been monthly hikes into the Oxbow, open to all ages, that give everyone a chance to see the many systems that work together to make Oxbow what it is and help us to understand how the decisions we make can affect the Oxbow and other special areas.


Thanks to the generosity of Jinny (Witte) Wiseman, Oxbow is now going one step further and offering grants up to $1000.00, twice a year, to local educators, K-12 and college level, to encourage nature study and help insure that future generations will continue to understand and appreciate the beauty and life sustaining services provided by places such as the Oxbow.


The first grant application deadline is Jan. 15 and those receiving grants will be notified on or by March 1. The deadline for the second grant period will be Aug. 15 with notification by Oct. 1. The Oxbow grant program supports projects that encourage the study, understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural history of the area in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Special consideration will be given to numbers of children and adults impacted by the grant and to tangible impact of the grant beyond those immediately affected.


Download and fill out this Word file and send it via email to:  velmiller@embarqmail.com