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Protecting and Preserving Wetlands

P.O. Box 4172, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025


To reach the Oxbow, Inc. office take Highway US 50 west from the #16 exit off I-275.  Pass the Hollywood Casino exit and turn left at the second stop light onto Walnut St. 301 Walnut is on the right side at the second stoplight at the corner of Walnut and Center Streets.  Free parking is available on Walnut St., Center St., and in the parking lot behind the building.  All meetings are at The Oxbow, Inc. Office, 301 Walnut St., Lawrenceburg unless otherwise noted.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 7:30 PM

Kris Medic – Trees in the floodplain

Kris Medic is the Agriculture/Natural Resources and Community Development Educator for Purdue Extension Bartholomew County.  She is a Board-Certified Master Arborist, past president of the Indiana Arborist Association, and an adopted Hoosier.  Kris also once solved a UFO sighting as part of her Extension work.  She will tell that story, but also talk about trees, especially those associated with flood plains, both native and invasive tree species. With our newly purchased, heavily disturbed land, we need advice about how to restore it to health with floodplain-tolerant trees and other perennials. 


Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 7:30 PM

Jack  Berninger – Galapagos — The enchanted isles

Galapagos—The enchanted isles that started an eureka thought process in the mind of Charles Darwin. He gave us the process of how life developed and continues to change on our planet. Jack will take us on Darwin's Galapagos journey to visit the fauna and flora that is so unique to those islands.  Jack is a retired Biology teacher who still enjoys the excitement and wonders of our universe. Jack and his wife Elaine love their travels to unique nature locations by giving programs and leading hikes in their local area and in the Everglades region of Florida.


Field Trips

 Unless otherwise indicated, all trips start at the upper Oxbow parking lot. To reach the upper Oxbow parking area, go south on US Hwy 50 from the I-275 #16 exit. In about 200 yards, turn left (east) at the edge of the Shell/Subway and go over the levee to where the road T’s with a fence directly in front of you. Turn right and go to the Oxbow entrance sign. Turn left into the Oxbow. The upper parking area is immediately on the right.


Early Fall Migrant Shorebirds & Waders

Friday Evening, August 25, 2017, *6:00 PM

Meet in the upper Oxbow parking lot at the main entrance to the Oxbow.

Co-Leader: Jack Stenger, (513) 503-3389, jackstenger@gmail.com

Co-Leader: Jay Stenger, (513) 522-8147, jaystenger@cinci.rr.com

*Note that this is an evening field trip.

Several years ago, in an attempt to beat the heat of the August “dog days”, we began scheduling our August field trips in the evening. For several reasons this trip has become quite popular. The focus of this trip will be birds, specifically early fall migrants through the Oxbow. That’s right, I did say fall. While the calendar and temperature tells us it is still late summer, the southbound fall migration of shorebirds (sandpipers & plovers), long-legged waders (herons & egrets) and several other species begins quite early and will be well under way by this date. So come out and join our trip leaders, son and father team Jack Stenger and Jay Stenger, for what should be a pleasant summer evening in the Oxbow area. These two guys are skilled and expert birders who know the area inside and out.


Shorebirds (sandpipers and plovers) need exposed mudflats and shorelines where they forage for their invertebrate food. During most years the Oxbow provides good to great habitat for them. The nearby Great Miami River usually has exposed sand bars at this season as well. In addition to several species of shorebirds, we expect that we will find numerous Great Egrets and herons including Great Blue, Green and Black-crowned Night-Herons. This is also a great time of year to find an unusual or rare species such as Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret (but not guaranteed). Purple Martins and other migrating swallows’ can “stage” in large numbers in the Oxbow during this month and terns, Osprey, Bald Eagle (year round) and other early migrants are possible. With most of our summer residents still present as well, we should find a good diversity throughout the evening.


Jack and Jay plan to hit several spots in and around the Oxbow including Lost Bridge over the Great Miami. The trip will end around dusk (9:00 PM?). It will likely be hot at this season, even at this time of day, so we suggest bringing sunscreen, insect repellant and water to make your visit more comfortable. Feel free to contact Jack or Jay if you have any questions.




Meet: at the upper Oxbow parking lot at the main entrance to the Oxbow

Leader:  Bob Nuhn, for more information contact Kathy McDonald at mkmcdonald@me.com or call 513-748-0281


We will walk the main road westward, looking especially for Monarchs as they are becoming a threatened species in Ohio due to the large scale usage of herbicide resistant corn and soybean, allowing farmers to spray their fields and edging to eliminate weeds, including milkweed.  We will also be looking for other emigrant species which should be present.  After 5 years of counts here, we are up to 38 species!   I anticipate being in the field about 2-3 hours, as we done in the past.  Participants are free to leave earlier if they please, or stay later.  The count will conclude no later than 2:30 p.m. if you choose to stay.  Walking is moderate, but please wear sturdy shoes  as we will be walking on gravel and it could be muddy in places. Please bring water, bug spray and sunscreen.  Butterfly hike leader Bob Nuhn is a retired Hamilton County (now Great Parks) Ranger, retiring after 30 years of service.  He has been leading a North American Butterfly Association butterfly count at Miami Whitewater Forest for the past 31 years, conducting the count in late June or early July.



Fall Warbler & Shorebird Migration

Saturday, September 23, 2017, 7:30 AM

Meet in the upper Oxbow parking lot at the main entrance

Leader: Jack Stenger, (513) 513-503-3389, jackstenger@gmail.com

*Note: This trip will be jointly conducted with the Cincinnati Audubon Society

An excellent argument can be made that September, after May, is the second best birding month in our region. Fall songbird (especially warblers) and shorebird migration should be in full swing on this date and finding these species will be our primary objective on this field trip. Our trip leader, Jack Stenger is an expert birder and naturalist and a life-time Oxbow Inc advocate. Jack’s exceptional field skills will certainly aid us in finding many species.


We will meet in the usual spot in the Oxbow, but before long Jack will probably move us over to Shawnee Lookout where we will focus on migrant songbirds, especially warblers. A stop at Lost Bridge to see what shorebirds are around is also highly likely. By late morning we will head back over to the Oxbow, stopping for another look around Lost Bridge on the way. If water levels are favorable (low) we should find some shorebirds both here and in the Oxbow. Herons, egrets, terns, other water birds and raptors should also be expected. The combination of Shawnee Lookout and The Oxbow should stack up for a great day of birding. The combined habitats of these two excellent and adjacent birding sites at this time of the year should yield a great diversity of species.


Jack plans to bird until around noon, maybe a little longer if things are still hopping. We’ll walk a bit at Shawnee, but it will be generally easy and at a comfortable birding pace. Restrooms are available. A Hamilton County Park Motor Vehicle Permit is required ($3.00 daily, $10.00 annual) for each vehicle. Please feel free to call or email Jack if you have any questions.

Late Fall Migration in the Oxbow


Late Fall Migration in the Oxbow

Saturday, October 14, 8a.m.

Meet in the upper Oxbow parking lot at the main entrance to the Oxbow

Leader: Joe Bens, (513) 353-4229, joebens@live.com

Join our field trip leader Joe Bens for what should be a beautiful autumnal morning visit to the Oxbow. From my perspective October may be the best time of year to be outdoors in terms of pleasant weather and natural beauty. Cool to mild temperatures are the norm, fall color is at peak and there seems to be a crispness to the air.


Birds are abundant at this season too, as many different species are still migrating throughout the month. By the date of this trip waterfowl migration will be well underway. But many other species are still on the move during October. Shorebirds, various water birds, raptors and a diversity of songbirds are all expected at this date. The various habitats of the Oxbow and the lower Great Miami River valley are a great place to see the diversity of these migration patterns.


Our trip leader Joe Bens is an expert and veteran birder and all around naturalist. He is also a long-time Oxbow Inc advocate and knows the Oxbow area inside and out. He also doesn’t miss much so we can be assured we will find a wide variety of birds. This is a morning field trip that will probably end around noon. Expect to drive to a few different spots in the Oxbow area, interspersed with some light to moderate walking in between. Feel free to contact Joe if you have any questions.